My pictures and videos literally couldn’t be better. Sammy did an amazing job, and helped capture the magic of my wedding day. No words can explain how grateful we are!

Thank you for being super open and communicating so well. It made the day so much easier. Your personality and attitude really made the day so much better. It felt like we were having our pictures taken by a friend.

The smell of pine needles, the summer breeze brushing through my hair, and the towering Lodgepole Pines. Hammocking and floating down the river. These are the summer pines moments I remember when I look at the film I have captured from a young age in my yearly cabin visits. Your summer pines moments may be different from mine, but I am here to help capture and remember yours. 

Summer pines

Ditch the traditional wedding, and plan an epic elopement of your dreams.

- sammy