About Me!

I’m Sammy, an elopement videographer based in Utah. My goal is to be your best friend! Seriously…if we aren’t friends by the end of this I lowkey might be sad. My passion for photography & videography arose from watching my grandfather take pictures. He would capture such beautiful images and I knew I had to do the same! I remember our yearly trips to Yellowstone National Park to take pictures. Eating my favorite huckleberry ice cream! I often find myself longing and dreaming of those times. I first started with your average amateur work…flowers, the sunset, and my parents making silly faces. You get the idea. As I grew I found what I truly love, elopements. 

I love, LOVE! I love candid moments and a more documentary style. If you’re crying, I wanna see it! I want the wind blowing through your hair as you grab your lover’s hand. Ya get me?! I want you and your boo thang to be authentically yourself.

I am originally from Minnesota, and moved to Utah when I was 11. Over the past 23 years I have had the unique opportunity to stay every summer in Island Park, Idaho. If you don’t know where that is, click here. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. With that being said, I can tell you all the “secret spots” the “OMG is this real?” type spots! Finding the right places can be hard but having someone in your corner who already knows them, is amazing. My goal is to help you find the “this is it” spot. I want you to feel so free, so in love, and so ready to create your dream elopement. I want to tell that story for you and anyone else you decide to share it with.

I love anything and everything outdoors. I’m a summer baby who LOVES the sun. I love rock climbing, dirt bike riding, hammocking, camping, and literally anything that gets me moving. I have worked my fair share of regular weddings and nothing can compare to a hike up a mountain just for your vows. What do you and your cutie patootie do together? Off-roading? Put it in your elopement plans and let me document it! The gist of all of this is you, i’m going to capture everything and make you happy sob. ;’)